509-1 Optimum

Clean, Green Heat Through Innovation!

The greenest heat available today. 

Burns up to 12 hours depending on log use.

Log feeding tube at the top of the unit.

Can burn up to four logs at one time. 

Passed 2020 emissions standards.

Up to 79%  total efficiency with 99.5% overall combustion efficiency.

Burning logs produces less ash and virtually no creosote buildup.

Burns up to 12 hours on low with a single load of logs meaning less wasted heat.

The most efficient non-catalytic stove built today.

No computer controls to manage stove. 

Why do I NEED the New 509 Optimum Presto Log Stove for my home?

I was a wood guy for a lot of years, had friends and knew people who had pellet stoves, and others with some sort of “Shop Stove”.  The people with pellet stoves were always breaking, waiting for parts and complaining of all the dust and wrestling the large bags of pellets. Fighting with wood starting with going to get it and dedicating several weekends a year to finding and getting wood put up. Driving there, gas used, chainsaw and maintenance, cutting a tree up, loading it, splitting it, stacking it, hauling it into the house to finally set it on fire! The bugs, the pitch, the bark, and mess.  Having to get all dressed up to go out to the woodshed to get a load of firewood to only track in the snow and dirt from being outside.  Constantly getting an earful about why we were doing all this just to heat the house.  Waiting a year to season the wood to burn the next fall.  I wanted, and so did others, a new stove that addresses all these problems.  Now I go out to the garage, without even a jacket, and grab a couple of logs and drop them in the stove.

The quest to bring the World’s First Presto Log Burning stove to market started 9 years ago in Mr. Frank Reeds Garage in Hayden, ID. The stove has gone through 100’s of changes to get it ready to manufacture and sell. The goal was to bring a “New” kind of Hybrid stove to market that was super-efficient, burned clean, stayed lit all night, and pass the 2020 EPA regulations looming on the horizon. The 509 Optimum reached the goals we set and surpassed others.  The 509 Optimum stove is 79%, third party verified efficient, and burns at 1.49gr. of emissions.  It burns so well it is even on the list of approved devices to sell in Fairbanks, AK., an area known for poor air quality in the winter.

The 509 Optimum was entered in the New Products Pavilion at the 2017 International Hearth Patio BBQ show in Atlanta, GA. We won the “Best New Marketable Product of the Year” Award there.  This is voted on by the attendees of the show that are manufacturers, Dealers, Dealer Rep’s, etc. We were also invited to bring the stove to the November 2018 Alliance for Green Heat Stove Competition in WA DC. The 509 Optimum Won “The Peoples Choice Award” there.

Densified Fuel logs have been around since the early 1930’s and are a popular choice to burn if you run out of wood, but they do not burn in a woodstove like they are designed to burn in the 509 Optimum stove.  Why did it take almost 85 years for someone to come up with the idea to burn the logs efficiently, and why had no one patented the idea yet?  Because it is very hard to burn one piece of wood at a time.  The wood needs another log to combust from to burn clean and efficient.  In a wood stove, you need to burn 2 or 3 logs at a time in order to have a good fire or you need a good bed of coals to set the one log in to make it burn right.  We hear from a lot of people who come and look at the stove, “Finally someone made a stove to burn those logs!”

The 509 Optimum takes all the naturally manufactured logs, and gravity feeds them into a very small firebox, crowding the log and essentially vaporizing the fuel, burning only part of one log at a time. The stove rarely smokes outside due to the way we burn the fuel. Smoke going out your chimney to the outside is essentially unburned fuel, BTU’s, lost heat.

Smoke is polluting the air and creating hazardous breathing conditions in the winter.  We all want a stove that doesn’t smoke outside, performs in your home like it did in the test lab, and that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. These are the reasons why we built this stove.

The 509 Optimum Stove will burn all different kinds of naturally formed densified fuel logs, a manufactured log if you will, but not logs that are formed and held together with binding agents such as waxes and oils. Logs today are made of switchgrass, rice husk, corn husk, hemp, leaves, field straw, sawdust, and mixtures of these ingredients, just to name a few in almost all countries around the world. The logs are made of these biomass products to utilize a fuel source that is essentially carbon neutral and would otherwise be waste. They are made to help clean up the air we breathe, and heat with a source that is renewable. Here in our corner of the US we make them from a by-product of manufacturing, sawdust, which is now a carbon neutral, naturally bonded dense log. Some of the logs contain over 68,700 BTU’s of energy per log. The 509 Optimum stove burns these logs cleanly and efficiently.

The 509 Optimum stove’s efficiency rating is also a great substitute for natural gas, propane, and especially oil and electricity.  It is the best new alternative new heat source available today in new home heating stoves. The cost to make one BTU of heat from the 509 stove is roughly the same in our area as natural gas, it is cheaper than propane, and far cheaper than heating oil and electric. This gives you an option when it comes to heating your home and a great ambiance if you choose to heat with the 509 Optimum stove. The log fuel is readily available, and for the people close enough to our factory, we will always have logs for you at a discounted rate if you buy a 509 stove.

The 509 Optimum Stove is proudly made in the USA using as many parts as we can that are made in the US to put it together.  All the stoves metal parts are laser cut and bent.  The pieces of the stove go together like a big puzzle. There are slots and tabs cut in the parts to align each part going into the stove with precision. This allows us to be able to duplicate the stove, making sure each stove will burn just as well as the next. The hardware on the stove is almost all stainless steel, minus the lid latch, and the igniter valve that is brass.  When the stove finishes with the welding stage it moves on to inspection, then paint.

The 509 Optimum stove is painted in an enclosed booth with Senotherm paint from Germany.  We feel this is the best stove paint available, with virtually no smell or smoke at first burn of your new stove.  The stove paint is humidity cured and then assembled by hand. The electrical parts are put to test with a HY-POT tester to makes sure there are no electrical gremlins. When your stove arrives at your home there will be little assembly required to finish putting it together for an easy installation.


Have we sparked your interest yet? 


Let’s talk a little about how stoves are tested in the lab for certification.  They are tested in a controlled environment, by a professional that is certified to test stoves, and is experienced in the workings of home heating stove appliances.  What if we went down the street and picked up a random person to go to the lab to run the stove like a regular homeowner would burn it.  The stoves would never pass.  It’s not that the stoves are bad stoves, but they just don’t get tested in real world scenarios.  The 509 Optimum was designed to burn in your home like it does in the lab with anyone running it.  The first prototype of the 509 stove built 9 winters ago, passed emission testing the first time in the lab. We knew we had a great base to build a great stove for the future. The stove surpassed the 2020 emissions standards all stoves are trying to pass today.  Burning the manufactured logs in the 509 Optimum stove ensures you get close to the same results every time you burn your stove.  The logs are made the same every time in machines designed to make logs.  The moisture content is controlled and that is one of the worst enemies to burn a stove cleanly. One of the biggest reasons wood stoves smoke, is people burn wet, unseasoned wood.  When a wood stove is tested in the lab, it is tested with pieces of wood cut exactly to size, weighed to the gram, and moisture tested.  When you get a new woodstove home, you will never burn it like it was burned and tested in the lab. The protocols for testing these stoves are starting to change because people are finally understanding we have a wood smoke problem that needs to be addressed.

The 509 Optimum stove is easy to operate and maintain.  The stove lights quickly and easily with the built-in hot air igniter.  The igniter has been tested for 100k cycles. Once lit, the stove is controlled with a manual damper, and has no computer controls.  The exhaust motor turns on via a toggle switch and the convection room blower has a variable speed motor dial. The stove is equipped with secondary cleanouts on the back bottom of the stove.  This eliminates fly ash from blowing outside.  These cleanouts need to be vacuumed once a month if you are running 24-7.  The inside burn area of the stove needs to be cleaned out every 10 days or longer depending on how often you burn.  If you are not burning continuously, then cleaning is done on a monthly basis. With the proper ash vacuum all of this is done in about 2 minutes.

While the stove is burning, depending on how long you wish to burn, you can add fuel at any time without smoking up the room.  There is a negative pressure created inside the stove, so when you open the lid to drop in a log, air is pulled down, eliminating the fire from coming up the inside of the feed tube.  The stove will burn on low for 10 to 14 hours on a load of logs.  If it is real cold outside you can easily turn up your BTU output and heat a 2500 sq. ft. home. With the sliding damper, and type of log you choose to burn, you can have a BTU range of just over 12k to upwards of 42k BTU’S.  Logs in our area range from 37,000 to 68,700 BTU’s per log. They all burn a little different, but they all burn clean and efficient, the goal of this stove.

A quick story to tell about a 509 Optimum stove owner who recently stopped by to say thank you for the money he saved.  He lives in a home in the mountains up by the Canadian Border.  Last year he said he spent just over $5,000 dollars on propane to heat his home.  This year he ran the stove for 6 months using about 6 pallets of logs, never shutting it off.  He said he paid for his stove and fuel for the winter and next winter he will be over $3000 dollars ahead.

The clearances for the 509 Optimum are very small.  If you want to install it next to a side wall, you can be within 4 inches.  If you want to install it in a 7 ft ceiling basement, you can.  If you want to put the stove at an angle in the corner, you can be 2 inches from the back corners of the stove. The back of the stove stays very cool.

There are 26 radiant heat tubes in the top of the 509 Optimum stove.  This is a true heat exchanger.  These tubes effectively pull the heat out of the stove before it has a chance to exit out the exhaust pipe.  The stove is also built with 3/16” and ¼” thick steel plate giving you not just convection heat, but also radiant heat like a wood stove, the best of both world’s.  We have a built-in cage around the radiant heat tubes called a scraper.  You pull on these rods once a day to clean off the outside of the tubes inside the stove to help them transfer heat better.  The cage is built of 2 plates, not one, and 7 supporting gussets welded around the exterior of the cage.

Inside the stove burn box of the 509 Optimum stove you will find a layer of fire bricks in the bottom, a layer around the inside edge and a layer on the outer edge. Air is introduced here to help the stove burn clean and efficient.  The bottom of the gravity fed log tube is ¼” thick stainless steel for longevity and resistance to heat.  The door glass is Neo-Ceram with a large viewing area of 11” x 13”. The glass is wrapped on both sides in fire tape along the entire edge and is held in place by 4 full length, stainless steel brackets.  Other stoves have just little tiny brackets without much care for being airtight.

Maintenance of the working parts on the stove was well thought out and changed several times with the “do it yourself” homeowner and stove repair technician in mind. These changes took the time out of maintenance for the homeowner and the costly hourly rates they would have to pay if hiring a technician. The technicians don’t want to be standing on their head to change out a motor or troubleshooting 15 different switches to find out which one is bad.  The technician wants to get to your home and get you fixed and know when they leave that you are fixed with no return trips.  This saves you money and them time.   The exhaust blower is easily accessible for once a year recommended maintenance. The convection blower bracket even has notches in it to be able to turn your wrench to replace that motor if ever necessary. It comes as a “turn-key” assembly, simply plugging it in under the stove to operate after replacement.  The motors are high quality, quiet running, economically priced, and readily available. If you ever have a problem, we want you back up and running as quickly and cost effective as possible. We know your stove is supposed to work for you, so we have done all we can to ensure that it runs well for a long time into the future.

The 509 Optimum stove is overbuilt, and for good reason.  We wanted to put a product to market that did what it says it would and last a long time.  The stove weighs in just under 500 pounds, and could be so much lighter, but that is not what we were shooting for. We have a chance to do our part in securing cleaner air for our children to breathe, and to utilize renewable fuel sources for the stove to burn, and with some of the exciting new products we will introduce to you in the future, we hope you will continue to follow us along this journey and tell all your friends about this exciting new stove.

We often get asked if you can cook on this stove and the answer is yes. The beauty of having a hybrid stove with radiant heat and convection heat.  Some have suggested putting a couple of chickens on rotisserie in front of where the hot air blows out. I think it will work!  I will try it someday and let you know.  Maybe it will make a good You-tube video?

We are currently in the process of setting up dealers in cities from the Canadian Border to Sacramento, CA. Most of Alaska. Pacific Ocean East to the Dakotas.  We also sell retail from our location in Post Falls, ID USA

Last, but not least, Customer service at 509 Fabrications, Inc. is second to none. Our staff is trained in all aspects of this stove, and if you stump them with a question, they will get you to someone who knows the answer. We will gladly assist you any time you have a question.  When you call you will talk to a real live person, sometimes even Dusty, the owner of 509 Fabrications. We answer the phone as quickly as we can and return calls as soon as possible because we care about you, the customer.

Have a great day and don’t forget to follow us and comment on Facebook and watch our videos on You-Tube.


Dusty Henderson, CEO

509 Fabrications, Inc.

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